Some time last Summer I was given the present of a soap-making kit. My daughter and I made several soaps with it and really enjoyed the process finding it very therapeutic. I gifted several of the soaps to friends and got such positive feedback I decided to research further. I decided on Goat's Milk compound as a base because of it's moisturising properties and the fact that it is mainly a natural product. Next came scents, lavender was a natural choice, who doesn't like lavender? I already used Citrus and a Christmas present from my eldest son lead to me also using Strawberry. I would also like to try Mint and am awaiting a delivery of same. All my scents are organic aromatheraphy oils sourced in Ireland. Finally came colour, I only use dilute cosmetic grade colours again sourced through an aromatheraphy outlet.

The shapes and designs came about naturally, being involved with horses, dogs and animal rescue, animal themed soaps were of course my first choice, hearts came as a result of Valentines Day and as a big Harry Potter fan I hope to shortly be offering a dragon themed soap.

All proceeds from the Dog and Bone soaps are donated to Animal Heaven Animal Rescue in Castleisland, Co Kerry who I have adopted two dogs from and who I support in any way I can.

Finally I hope that you enjoy my soaps as much as I enjoy making them, thanking you in advance.